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No matter what painful experiences you've gone through please know that all of your emotions and feelings are valid. Painful past experiences conditioned you to believe that you're worth less than you actually are. But the Divine sees you and wants you to know that you deserve the very best. I want to help you see yourself in God's eyes.

I'm a survivor too. And I created this platform to walk beside you and guide you towards the life, joy, and love you desire and deserve.

Sending You Love and Healing Energy,
Kara-Lee xo

Personal Tarot Reading
Uniquely channeled to help you heal inner wounds, align with your soulful self, and manifest your heart's desires
CHOOSE A READING STYLE and submit your questions. Readings and guidance are either written, voice or video recorded and sent directly to you within a four business days.

FREE Tarot Readings
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FREE Spiritual Guidance
Clarity Through Life's Toughest Challenges and Greatest Joys

One-on-One Spiritual Guidance
Divine guidance when you need it most
On a face to face video call or over the phone, I will help you gain clarity on your current challenges and painful past experiences and offer insight into how you can heal and integrate that pain, align with your truest self, and move forward towards your highest good. Your time to shine is now!

Online Community, Workshops, and Resources
Coming Soon
Contact me to request specific videos, workshops, courses, and content to support your healing journey.


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Working with Me Can Can help you:

Heal Trauma
With an approach rooted in a neurobiological, psychological, physiological, and spiritual awareness, let's work together to uncover and resolve the trauma from your painful past. 
Align with Your True SELF
Reconnect with the person you were born to be before trauma derailed your path.
Attract the Life You Desire
You can only attract what you feel safe to have. Once the healing and alignment work is done, learn how to intentionally and consciously create the life you desire.
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